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  • How do I organise a free trial session?
    We would love to share our choir with you! Please fill in the contact form, requesting a free trial visit and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable session to attend.
  • What sort of music do you sing?
    The Cardiff Children's Choir sing in a variety of styles including, classical, folk, jazz and world music. We usually have a Welsh medium song in our programming and love singing in other languages, especially those represented by choir members.
  • My child already learns music.
    Brilliant. Our rehearsals will nurture your child's aural and theory development in a way that will support the requirements of graded music exams. We love to incorporate children's instrumental playing into our sessions when appropriate.
  • Can I stay while my child is rehearsing?
    Yes, and you will want to! There is excellent coffee, cakes and wifi at Ground Up Coffee at Urban Crofters. There is also an indoor play corner for small children. Of course, you can also drop off and collect your child.
  • My child is quite shy.
    Cardiff Children's Choir sessions build confidence through enjoyment. We pride ourselves on getting to know individual children and being able to gradually draw out their unique creativity as children feel safe and confident in their growing skills.


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